Enabling or Disabling Claims Based Authentication

Author: Luis Kerr

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6 Responses

  1. Jack says:

    I thought you could not convert from claims to classic mode?

    If you do that then assign to a new object like this:
    $checkcba = get-spwebapplication “http://yoursiteurl”
    I think it still returns 1

  2. Marco says:


    I had a complete site running claims until someone tried to switch it to classic.
    I have trouble getting the site back up. The site works, but some services are damaged beyond repair.

    I cannot get the managed metadata working again .. .

    Any tips?

  3. Robert says:


    i’m experiencing errors after migrating to claims-based authentication. i get error event id 1309. cannot find user.

    any ideas?

  4. schwartzberg says:

    thanks for the short and efficient recipe

  5. mohsen says:

    I have a web app running on claims based authentication and tried to convert it to classic mode.
    But after running these commands no user could log in.
    check here:

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