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Responsive Top Navigation Menu

Responsive SharePoint Top Navigation MenuIn my quest to design a perfect three levels down responsive top navigation menu for SharePoint, I’ve stumbled on some annoyances that only people dealing with branding the SharePoint sites will understand me.

First, we need to give a bit of credit to MS for allowing us to use CSS instead of the old fashioned tables by setting the UseSimpleRendering property to “True”. An improvement, but far from a smooth sailing. More…

Foundations with Websites Built on SharePoint

Foundations with Websites Built on SharePointA non-governmental body established as a not-for-profit organization or a charitable trust is often referred as a Foundation. Its primary purpose is focused on providing grants to various institutions or individuals, for educational, scientific, religious, cultural or other charitable purposes.

As any other charitable organizations, budget limitations are very common, hence the need for an attractive, informative and user-friendly website is often overlooked. However, the following websites represent the most beautiful and creative SharePoint-based websites belonging to foundations. More…

SharePoint Sites of the Month #13

SharePoint Sites of the Month #13Here is some more SharePoint design inspiration with another selection of beautifully crafted SharePoint websites submitted to our showcase over the past weeks. Four built with SharePoint 2013 and three with SharePoint 2010.

Sites of the Month is a collection of the most exceptional SharePoint website designs submitted to our showcase and picked by our staff based on their usability, design, creativity, improved user experience, custom functionality and ability to incorporate modern web design techniques. More…

Best Travel Related SharePoint Websites

Best Travel SharePoint SitesIn this industry specific showcase we will look at few well-designed SharePoint-based websites focused on travel and tourism. Several sites belong to various government agencies promoting their local attractions, and others promoting travel agencies, hotels or other businesses involved in the tourism industry.

A majority of travel site designs feature attractive full background images or impressive and eye-catching scrolling image banners advertising their top destinations hoping to engage visitors and boost traffic. More…

ShareBoot for SharePoint 2010

ShareBoot for SharePoint 2010Following many requests to convert our most popular responsive SharePoint 2013 theme to SharePoint 2010, I decided to spend a little bit of time to accommodate the unfortunate people stuck with SharePoint 2010 servers. Which BTW, based on the poll we’ve run for some time “What version of SharePoint are you running?”, SharePoint 2010 is still leading the way with about 41% of the deployments.

ShareBoot theme, is a very clean and sleek responsive SharePoint 2010 theme powered by the most popular front-end toolkit for rapidly developing web applications, Bootstrap. More…

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