Ultronic Premium SharePoint 2013/2016 Theme

Author: Luis Kerr

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17 Responses

  1. Don Hansen says:

    I have purchased this theme but had some questions about the layout.
    I am not able to find the layout that is showcased in the screen shots as the Home page. I also see it in the video. Could you please tell me which page this is? I have the home slider page, but it does not come with the Green links to the right side or the 4 columns to the bottom.

    Thank you,
    Don Hansen

  2. Luis Kerr says:

    Don, all the steps on how to use the mock-up codes are in the Installation Instruction. Page 11 and 12. All mock-up content HTML code used for testing the page layouts are included in the html folder…

  3. Mathias Lindqvist says:

    Is there a new version upload for SP2016 or is it still the same package? I bought this theme and have a download link.

  4. Najoua says:


    We plan to purchase this theme for our SharePoint intranet company but firstly, I have to be sure that we can modify the color of different banners (replace the Grey color). Is it possible?

    • Luis Kerr says:

      Najoua, yes of course you can modify the CSS. Keep in mind that some decent Web Developing and SharePoint 2013/2016 experience required to install this theme.

      • Najoua says:

        Luis, thank you for the reply. We will use it with SharePoint Server 2013 on premise. We have a web developper who can manipulate .css and web design.

  5. John says:

    Hello, I am curious about this theme for my Companies Intranet. We will be using SP 2016 On-Prem. and wanted to know if there was some who I could speak with over the phone

    • Luis Kerr says:

      John, most likely you’re talking about a SP2016 team site which is not supported by the theme. It only works on SP2016 Publishing Sites.

  6. carusx says:

    Is there a specific version for Sharepoint Online included in Office365 or it works in both enviroments (server / online) ?

  7. Marta says:

    Can I use it in my website (SP 2016)? What do you mean with “This theme was not tested on SharePoint Foundation neither on SharePoint Online (Office 365). Do not purchase this theme for SharePoint Online!”?

    • Luis Kerr says:

      Marta, that means it will NOT work on SharePoint Foundation neither on SharePoint Online (Office 365). It only works on SP2016 Publishing Sites.

  8. Mene says:

    before I decide to purchase this theme I just have a question.
    I want to display a list of results in the sidebar instead of a navigation. Ist this possible?
    Thanks for the response in advance.

    • Luis Kerr says:

      Mene, of course it is possible if you know what you’re doing. Most likely you might use a Custom Query Web Part for it.

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