Motus – Free SharePoint 2013 Theme

Author: Luis Kerr

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26 Responses

  1. John Bellew says:

    Ahhh very very good, will get you a beer or three tomorrow, I promise…

  2. Henrique Burigo says:

    Hi Luis,
    do you know how can I disable the default Sharepoint toolbar (The blue one that is right below the “Motus” logo), so the page could look like the one displayed in the image above.


  3. Sean H says:

    This is a great theme. I’ve found it quite easy to use the new templating methodology with the linked html files yet most of the templates I can find still use only the .master and .aspx approach. Is it personal preference, learning curve or is there another reason?

    I want to make sure my projects are easily upgradable to O365 and SP2016 when the time comes, hence my preference for the new method.

    Comments and ideas are most welcome.

    Cheers, Sean

  4. Works with SharePoint 2016? I had tested.. but…

  5. Christian Price says:

    I’m having issues with the video on working in Internet Explorer 11. It works in all other browsers. I have it running in SharePoint 2013 . It just has the gray background like its not respecting the z-index or something.

  6. Granger says:

    Hi Luis,
    Apologies, kind of a dumb question, but i can’t seem to find where to change the background color for the header (behind the logo). I’ve tweaked a variety of other colors to suit my adaptation of the template, but can’t seem to find that one –

  7. I’ve managed to get most of the way thru the above instructions… however, the bit about changing the page layout has me stumped. I don’t see the “page layout” option available when I go to edit the page itself.

    Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

    • Me says:

      You must click on the cog, edit page, the page layout icon is in the “page” section of the ribbon

      • Jacque Donald says:

        I am having the same issue, I have attempted to do it this way too, and I do not see page layouts either. I have actually ran into this once before and just gave up… Did you ever figure out how to see it?

  8. Me says:

    Great theme, Ill be dropping you money cause this template is epic!

    Customizing is easy, here is additional notes

    Video, you can start the video at the millisecond such as startAt:30.2
    SharePoint Bar, remove it by commenting out the line after
    Map, you must use the embedded code from the map service (google, bing, etc)

  9. Kelly says:

    When I am trying to upload the motus.home, my options on the content drop down , does not include Page Layout. Nor do I have the option for APS Net Masterpage, only Master Page.

    Thoughts? Total share point newbie here.

    • Chris says:

      I’m not a newbie and I’m running into the same issue. I have loaded by following the directions and by dumping it into the design file folder directly – and both times I can get the template files to show up for selection with oslo/Seattle. Any suggestions?

    • Arman says:

      I’m having the same issue as Kelly. I do not have the options “ASP Net Masterpage”, only Master Page, and there is no Page Layout Option. I have the following options:

      Master Page
      Master Page Preview
      JavaScript Display Template
      Display Template Code
      Design File

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am a complete newbie too. I am running SharePoint 2013.

      • SWDev says:

        Hello to Kelly, Chris, and Arman

        I’ve also run into the same problem.
        The solution is to activate the Sharepoint Server Publishing Site Infrastructure.

        You activate it by going into:
        Site Settings -> Site Collection Administration -> Site Collection Features,
        and then Activate the Sharepoint Server Publishing Site Infrastructure
        Wait as it takes a while to activate

        After that, we’re not done yet.

        Still in Site Settings, go to Site Actions -> Manage Site Features, then Activate SharePoint Server Publishing

        Once you’re done with that, the Master Pages in Web Designer Galleries becomes Master Pages and Page Layouts.

        Also the content type of ASP Net Master Pages and Page Layout are now there.


        • adrian says:

          Wow, awesome run through of how to get to all of these options. As someone completely new to SP, this kind of information is priceless. Thank you so much!!

  10. ian says:

    I followed the guide completely and have server publishing turned on. but when I get to “Site Master Settings” I only have the option of “olso” and “seattle”

  11. Fabian says:

    Hi there,
    if i try to upload the Master-Page.ASPX as a page layout, Sharepoint told me that a list, is still missing. Can someone help me please.

  12. Bob Harford says:

    I guess these themes are for more advanced SharePoint developers. I’ve gone through the steps three times and the results are messed up and look nothing like the screenshots provided. First, the stipulation that you should select a publishing site and not a collaboration site should be made up front and not picked up through the comments. And second, I’d recommend a screenshot of what to expect after the master page is selected and the page layout is selected (that is before, “now you can mock up the content…”

  13. Lawrence says:

    I followed your instructions, but when I get to the Site Master Page Settings, the theme is not an option to select (only Seattle or Oslo).

  14. vie says:

    on site master page settings, i cannot select the default to Motus, how can i do this? I only have two options: seattle and oslo.

  15. Danila Dinan says:

    Does this work on SharePoint 2016. I tried to upload the page layout and I got a message saying that “The page you selected contains a list that does not exist”. Did anyone ever figured that one out?

  16. MM says:

    I’m having the same issue as well : on site master page settings, i cannot select the default to Motus, I only have two options: seattle and oslo.

  17. Houssem Romdhani says:

    I cannot get the input to specify the title of a page that i want to create.

  18. tdileonardo says:

    Hi this is a great theme and it seems to work and is beautiful, a great selling point for SP. The only thing I ran into was the Testimonials slider under Services only shows 2 items and displays one (text). Any ideas what is causing this?

  19. Kouassi Thierry says:

    Hello, I’m writing this note for a problem changing the master page. I have trouble using your template with sharepoint 2016, especially when I try to make it easier for myself with sharepoint designer 2013. On the master page, I have no access yet I am the only administrator. Please help me to use your template, notifying me with the details to solve this problem.

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