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11 Responses

  1. Awesome SharePoint 2010 site branding and customization! Great job DJ!

  2. Great use of the various features of SharePoint 2010. Thumbs up!!!

  3. Mike Mora says:

    Sweet, nice to see SharePoint value-add companies using SharePoint! SharePoint 2010 rocks and looks like KnowledgeLake does as well.

  4. Rick Parke says:

    Clear, clean, intuitive and informative. Way to showcase SharePoint and KnowledgeLake

  5. Kevin Ells says:

    Looks great. Great design. Love the use of Silverlight and the new blog is pretty sweet.

  6. Kim Maskus says:

    Slick design and I am very eager to see the new Siverlight animation that will soon be added to the home page!

  7. Vic Shade says:

    Nice use of SP2010, very cool, pretty fast and I love the Silverlight viewer for the movies.

  8. Denise Caplin says:

    It is good to see a company such as KnowledgeLake using SharePoint for their public facing website. I guess they must really believe in SharePoint as a platform.

  9. Kristine Peroutka says:

    Wow! The Knowledgelake website powered by SharePoint 2010 looks very good! I am digging the use of the latest Microsoft technology! KnowledgeLake, Kudos to a job well done! What am amazing website!

  10. Enchantnet says:

    KnowledgeLake’s web site based on SharePoint 2010 is what inspired me to learn SharePoint. Awesome site design, graphics, layout, and features! A solid 10!

  11. Michael John says:

    KnowkedgeLake with its SharePoint and Fujitsu scanning capture software is am efficient product for managing electronic medical records, forms and invoices. Outstanding Product!

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