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What external scripts is your SharePoint Framework solution using?

When installing SharePoint Framework solutions, SharePoint shows you the URLs of external scripts used by the solution. But it doesn't show all of them, so be careful what solutions you allow to run unrestricted in your tenant. Using SharePoint Framework, developers can extend SharePoint beyond what's possible out of... read more

Running JavaScript Code Only When in Page Edit Mode

One of my old Content Editor Web Part “tricks” would not work when run in a Publishing page. I was hiding a web part when not in Page Edit mode. You can detect this mode by checking for ‘PageState.ViewModeIsEdit != "1"’. read more

PowerApps, Flow and Managed Metadata Fields

One (current) issue affecting both PowerApps and Flow is that neither support Managed Metadata Columns properly. I have a method to get around this issue, but it will take more than one post to explain. Lately I have refrained from writing epic multi-part posts because things change quickly. In... read more

Managed Metadata Support for PowerApps and Flow

Now you can set the values of your managed metadata columns (sometimes also called taxonomy columns) in PowerApps (for both multi-value and single value) and in Flow (single value for now). read more

Pitfalls in SPFx Development

Unfortunately, I never think the slide deck alone conveys all of the information of a conference session, since it’s the demos which are often the most valuable part. Still, I try to assemble slides which have useful reference information, so hopefully this will be useful to someone. The full... read more
Business vs social SharePoint intranet

Business vs. Social SharePoint Intranet

Enterprises all over the world choose a SharePoint intranet as the core of their collaboration and communication. And since every organization has a unique corporate environment, you won't find two identical corporate portals. However, there are some trends. read more
Modern SharePoint Web Parts Updates

Modern SharePoint Web Parts Updates

The power of Office 365 Groups lies in the integration of multiple Office 365 tools, such as SharePoint, Exchange, and Planner. One of the major downsides is switching between the tools. One moment you are on a SharePoint Team Site and the next moment you are on an Exchange... read more

Who will approve my Provider-Hosted SharePoint Add-in request?

We had an interesting situation at one of our projects. The build team had created their first Provider-Hosted SharePoint Add-in and were ready to upload in the pre-production environment’s add-in catalog. As the build team did not have access to manage the add-in catalog, the operations team deployed the... read more

4 ways to link to Intranet Homepage in SharePoint

Do you feel homesick when you collaborate with your colleagues in SharePoint? Let’s be honest, no matter which department or team site you work on, you want to click on that home button that will lead you back to the company homepage. Well, guess, what, there are few ways... read more
New Idle Session Timeout in SharePoint Online

New Idle Session Timeout in SharePoint Online

Idle session timeout provides an Office 365 administrator to configure a threshold at which a user is warned and subsequently signed out of SharePoint or OneDrive after a period of inactivity. The new idle session timeout policies rolling out as preview on November 6, 2017 and changes to the... read more
SharePoint 2016 Architectural Models Posters

SharePoint 2016 Architectural Models Posters

These newly updated Architectural Models Posters for SharePoint 2016 provide a way to compare the various deployment methods in an easy-to-print format. Each poster provides a list of all the configurations or platform options available and gives you a brief summary of the platform, including a conceptual diagram, common... read more