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New Tenant-wide SPFx Deployment Option

Developers can now choose to mark their solution as being ready for tenant-scoped deployment which gives tenant administrators the option to make a SPFx solution and its corresponding parts and extensions immediately available across all site collections in a tenant. The option permits a customized WebPart to show up... read more
Communication Site or Team Site?

Communication Site or Team Site?

As Microsoft continues to roll out the new Communication Site to more Office 365 users, your users will want to know: Do I need a Communication Site or a Team Site? Choosing between a Team Site and a Communication Site should start with your intent and desired business outcomes.... read more

Tips for Selecting a SharePoint Intranet-in-a-Box

There are well over 26 options of SharePoint Intranet-in-a-Box and all offer a variety of functionality, architecture, design and services. Here are few questions we recommend asking third-party SharePoint Intranet-in-a-Box providers so you don't waste your time vetting less mature products. read more

Granular External Sharing Controls in SharePoint Online

One of SharePoint Online's greatest strengths has always been its ability to easily share with users external to your organization. Yet this ease often brings with it concerns about excessive sharing. Microsoft has just started rolling out site collection level allowed/denied lists. If this has been enabled in your... read more

SharePoint Framework Extensions

In the last release of the SharePoint Framework, Microsoft released the developer preview of SharePoint Framework extensions. Next to client-side web parts, extensions are new types of customizations, SharePoint developers can build to extend SharePoint. Additionally, the preview includes placeholders which you could compare to server-side delegate controls and... read more

Search Based Site Directory

In my post Stop Using the Property Bag I outlined my solution for creating a Search Based Site Directory. This is the first in the series on how to accomplish the task using a methodical approach. It is an iterative six step approach on working through a content search... read more
Best way to update SharePoint document metadata using Flow

Best way to update SharePoint document metadata using Flow

Anyone new to Flow, who has come from a SharePoint Designer Workflow background, will automatically assume that Flow has out of the box support for not only uploading documents to a SharePoint library, but to set metadata on it. Unfortunately this is not the case. Currently Flow has limitations... read more
SharePoint Online Usage Doubled

SharePoint Online Usage Doubled

Microsoft's latest quarterly earnings report show SharePoint Online usage nearly doubled last quarter over the same period last year. Microsoft's goal to move more SharePoint on-premises users to Office 365 is accelerating. To what extent the doubling of usage is meaningful depends on how many organizations are now using... read more
SharePoint 2013, D3 and Dimple Connection

SharePoint 2013, D3 and Dimple Connection

A neat little reference on D3 and Dimple graphical interfaces in conjunction with REST API in SharePoint 2013. A simple approach to D3/Dimple visualization using HTML mockups using test data from a file. Few steps on how to extract data from a SharePoint List using REST API AJAX Calls... read more
Largest FREE Microsoft eBook Giveaway

Largest FREE Microsoft eBook Giveaway

Microsoft Director of Sales, Eric Ligman, has announced the FREE Microsoft eBooks giveaway for 2017. Tons of eBooks, reference guides, Step-By-Step Guides, and other informational resources including 15 SharePoint 2016, 14 PowerShell and 72 Office related ebooks. read more

Don’t use PropertyPaneTextField with numeric web part properties

When building SharePoint Framework client-side web parts, don't use PropertyPaneTextField to manage values of numeric web part properties. Here is why. What distinguishes web parts from other SharePoint customizations is how easily you can configure them to your specific needs. read more

Office 365 Developer Wish List (SPFx and Modern Sites)

Clearly we're in a transitional period in Office 365 at the time of writing, where modern SharePoint experiences are available - modern sites and pages for example - but not everything is fully joined-up yet. That said, it's a fast-moving landscape and part of the consultant's role is to... read more