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24 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    Just as we intended it!

  2. daniel says:

    really nice site

  3. Krissy says:

    It looks great and is easy to read

  4. Kareem says:

    Fantastic site. Lots of conversations about how good the site is.
    Easy to use, colours and very well designed.

    Need more sites like this!

  5. Pete Townsley says:

    I really don’t like this site. Poor architechture and all seems to be based on pretty design. 1 star from me.

  6. Cameron says:

    This is an extremely user friendly site and its Sharepoint 2010…awesome!

  7. George James says:

    Pretty cool site. I have been looking at a lot of SharePoint sites lately and this one really pushes the boundaries of expectations.

    It is a shame a lot of other consultancy firms do not practice what they preach, boring static sites with no imagination. Looking forward to reaching out to these guys (Brightstarr) and seeing what they offer.

  8. Daniel says:

    Great website! Seriously great job!

  9. Steven Petersfield says:

    At last – a user friendly sharepoint site, good to see someone has got it right!

  10. Chris says:

    Nice looking site. Very slow loading. 1 1/2 meg page size is way too much. Not bad effort.

  11. John Pistelli says:

    A 2010 SharePoint site that shows the user what is possible. I love love love this site.

  12. Daniel says:

    This website ‘looks’ good but SharePoint is more than just ‘an interface’. This site is little more than an expensive jacada 5250 screen scraping effort; and frankly, SharePoint has more to offer than this.

  13. Robert Dent says:

    What a site! Blew me away. Love the blend of OOTB features (blog, dynamic content) and great looks. All the power of SharePoint functionality with great looks. Great job!

  14. Louise says:

    Great site – good use of multiple features that SharePoint provides, user friendly and visutally attractive. Nice custom features like mega menu and pop-out. I would recommend BrightStarr for my customers websites.

  15. A site that shows the potential of design with SP2010. Very usable and does exactly what it needs to very well. Impressive.

  16. Andrew says:

    Notice this is a new version of your site – LOVE IT! Love all of the features including video in the mega menu and sliders. Love how responsive it is across multiple platforms and that is uses HTML5! Great job by clearly a great SharePoint partner. Well done BrightStarr.

  17. Bill says:

    I love the mega-menus, responsive design, social integration with iPhone like pull down to expose various social applications and most of all the ease of navigation. Awesome job on this site and one that people should definitely look to emulate in deploying SharePoint FIS for public facing sites.

  18. Warren B. says:

    Now, this is what I call a nice HTML5 site! and on SharePoint! Brilliant!

  19. Darren Moore says:

    Wow Nice job BrightStarr! I love the over sized menus and the layout of the site. HTML5 rocks!

  20. Dan says:

    A fantastic example of a SharePoint site which is truly multi-channel. Great work Brightstarr!

  21. Pun says:

    Great SITE!

  22. Mike says:

    Amazing how this was done with SP 2010. Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. mohammed says:

    very nice with html5 and sharepoint 2013 also good mobile view

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