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    Published: 6th April 2016

    Here are the most common SharePoint myths you should break to avoid wrong expectations about the platform when starting your own project.

    Published: 25th August 2015

    SharePoint server has become a very popular enterprise application to enhanced collaboration. As the quantity and value of data stored on SharePoint platform rises, backup and recovery becomes critical and it proves to be a challenge for administrators.

    Published: 12th February 2015

    Contrary to popular beliefs that Microsoft might stop offering new on-premise versions of SharePoint, last week’s announcement and the new SharePoint sessions offered at the Ignite conference in Chicago refute the unfounded rumors.

    Published: 9th December 2013

    Your company’s online persona and image, mission and purpose are embodied in your website, a digital portrait painted with intricate details to bring site visitors over to where you see the grass is greener.

    Published: 18th October 2012

    For this month’s SharePoint branding inspiration post we selected seven beautiful and colorful SharePoint website examples; six built on SharePoint...

    Published: 11th September 2012

    For this month’s selection of beautiful SharePoint websites I decided to delight you with few new innovative, elegant and colorful discoveries.

    Published: 19th August 2012

    For this SharePoint branding jolt I selected seven beautiful websites built on MOSS. Yes, SharePoint 2007 still powers more than 80% of the public-facing websites in the world built on SharePoint platform, at least according to our statistics.

    Published: 8th July 2012

    For this second issue of our new series on sites of the month we have selected some great SharePoint-based websites that are fresh, highly creative and attractive.

    Published: 16th June 2012

    Sites of the Month is a monthly collection of the most exceptional SharePoint-based website designs submitted to our showcase and picked by our staff based on their usability, design, creativity, improved user experience, custom functionality and ability to incorporate modern techniques.

    Published: 24th February 2012

    Creating SharePoint 2010 site collections in a test environment becomes tedious and definitely no fun especially when you need a 5 or 6 levels deep “Lorem Ipsum” dummy site with tons of pages under them. Here are few simple steps to clone a SharePoint site.

    Published: 12th September 2011

    After a new Server 2008 and SharePoint 2010 installation on the awesome freely available Oracle VirtualBox I was presented with a port access issue. What I was trying to accomplish is a multi-site farm, on different ports.

    Published: 22nd June 2011

    Today, partnering with Intlock, a leader in enterprise portal and website analytics, we would like to give away a free...

    Published: 26th April 2011

    An Overview of SharePoint 2010 Disaster Recovery by Sean P. McDonough of Idera and John Ferringer of Apparatus, Inc. co-authors...

    Published: 12th January 2011

    After installing Opera browser, for testing purposes of course, SharePoint Designer defaulted to Opera. So, every time I had to publish a master page or page layout, the approval workflow will open Opera browser instead of IE.

    Published: 31st August 2010

    Developers have been requesting a way to gain knowledge of Windows Azure Platform and Microsoft has been listening by offering...

    Published: 24th August 2010

    A new study by leading provider of SharePoint solutions regarding the current and future usage of SharePoint shows an amazing enthusiasm amongst users to migrate to SharePoint 2010.

    Published: 24th June 2010

    Visual Studio Team released SharePoint 2010 Power Tools for VS 2010 which would enable an easier development of SharePoint 2010...

    Published: 17th December 2009

    What is Form Based Authentication? Form Based Authentication (FBA) provides your own authentication method using a web form. More and more companies are using FBA as a way of extending a site for non-Active Directory (AD) users.

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