Absa Capital

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8 Responses

  1. Mia says:

    WOW! This site is cool and futuristic!

  2. Zlatan says:

    I don’t understand, this appears to be using no SharePoint features at all, it seems like a flash presentation hosted in a single published page.
    This might as well be a page hosted on a web server without sharepoint.

    This is not a top sharepoint since it’s got nothing to do with sharepoint really……

  3. Zlatan says:

    Just saw HTML version, looks pretty nice, mostly since it’s using SharePoint

  4. Philip says:

    Well done to Amorphous New Media, fantastic job!

  5. Grant says:

    Content is housed in sharepoint and published to a flash and HTML front end (for SEO purposes) – Sure it doesn’t leverage every feature of MOSS but rocks the user experience.

    Grant Shippey

  6. The HTML version is run completly through Sharepoint, Weparts were built using javascript to render the news, achievements and awards all housed in Sharepoint Lists. 3fifteen did the Sharepoint side and Amorphous the Flash side.

  7. Kobus van der Merwe says:

    I agree with Zlatan. This is no topsharepoint at all. I went to the HTML and the first link I clicked messed layout up. Well looks like 3Fifteen cocked up the HTML side then.


  8. Paul Miell says:

    The menu on the HTML version does not render properly, big white block. I agree with others this is not the best SP website.

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